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Head office: 12 Ngo Tat To, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: (84-24) 3 8465223   Fax: (84-24) 3 8465324

Email:office@vnpca.org.vn  Website: www.vnpca.org.vn

             Objectives:  Unity - Copperation - Development


   The Vietnam Pharmaceutical Companies Association (VNCPA) constitutes an organization converging the companies engaged in pharmaceuticals-related manufacture, trade, services, supply, scientific research, consultancy and training in Vietnam which join the Association and comply with the Charter on a voluntary basis in the principle of the Association

   The objectives of the Association include: (1) to associate the companies operating in the pharmaceutical field in order to boost the effectiveness, helping to contribute and develop the pharmaceutical sector of Vietnam for the protection, care and improving people’s health; (2) to support companies in their activities and development to benefit every company upon their accessing to the Association.

   To achieve these objectives, the Association: (1) Always listens, gathers and reflects the opinions and aspirations of  enterprises and entrepreneurs; actively cooperates with enterprises to provide the Party and Government with sound advice on socio-economic policies;–, promotes business ethics business and culture and promotes development of enterprises and entrepreneurs; supports businesses and entrepreneurs in international economic integration activities; (2) enhances cooperation, consultation, dialogue between the Association and State medical and pharmaceutical regulatory authorities and properly performs the function of bridging regulatory authorities and its member companies and the social community; (3) consults companies and entrepreneurs  in order to propose to the Government the strategy for Vietnam-specific pharmaceutical sector development, policies related to the pharmaceutical sector, measures for development of production, business and participates in solving the problems arising during the operation of the member companies of VNPCA in accordance with the existing law provisions; (4) routinely supports companies in terms of information, legislation, commercial promotion, consultancy, training, updating of relevant legal documents  and properly performing the VNPCA’s function of social oversight and criticism.

   The VNPCA has gathered more than 160 leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam performing in production, trade, service provision and supply of medicines …  The VNPCA, through its practical activities, has made considerable contributions to the increasing development, production capacity improvement, business growth and expansion of local and international market share of its members. Therefore, the VNPCA has increasingly been recognised as a prestigious occupational organization, a reliable prop of its companies and entrepreneurs and convegence of the companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam.

   VNPCA’s subsidiaries include:

   v Association’s Office

   v Membership and Information Committee

   v Trade Promotion and International Cooperation Committee

   v Legislation Committee

   v Science and Technology Committee

   v Five subsidiary areas of the Association nationwide

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